School Services

Students are able to receive assistance from others outside of the classroom.  This includes classroom remediation, speech, hearing and vision, and school counselor services.  This is through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.  The Non-Public Schools Program is responsible for remediation in the areas of reading, math, speech, hearing and vision, and for providing appropriate intervention with counseling and psychological and social services.

Elementary Guidance Counseling

Elementary counselors work with students (K-8) who are referred for emotional or social concerns which may be interfering with their academic progress. Written parental permission is required before a student can be seen by a counselor.

Remedial Reading and Remedial Math

Multiple criteria which include standardized test scores, classroom performance, and teacher/principal recommendation are used for this service. However teacher/principal recommendation takes precedence in grades K through 3.

Speech and Language, Hearing-Vision

For these services a referral is made from the principal, classroom teacher, school nurse, parent, psychologist or counselor. Services are prioritized based on student need.

Other Services

The AIU-Non-Public Schools Program also provides other services such as group testing and scoring services, scheduling services, a Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities Grant,  Title II Professional Development and Technology, Non-Public School Technology.

Determination and Provision of Services

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit determines the program of services in consultation with non-public school officials, but it may provide only services that are provided by the public school where it is located. The degree of service is determined by the student’s need as well as the available resources. Access to services is provided through the school principal.


To be eligible for the services administered by the AIU, the non-public schools must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Non-Public Schools Services. Any student who is a resident of the Commonwealth and whose tuition is not paid by the Commonwealth is eligible to receive auxiliary services if enrolled in grades K-12 in an approved non-public school.