Extended School Day

The school offers an additional school program for families who need extended care. This program provides your child with a safe and comfortable place where they can study, relax, and spend time with fellow students.  The program consists of Morning Care, and After School Care.  The Extended School Day program is for students in full day 4 year Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.

In the Extended School Day program’s morning, students meet in the library and are able to peruse the books or play with the craft or activities that are provided.  On two-hour delay days, students typically enjoy a family-friendly movie as well.  At 8 AM, students are escorted to the bus rooms.  

 In the Extended School Day program’s afternoon, students can change to play clothes.  A snack and drink is provided.  Students can participate in relaxation, playtime, or homework time.  Play is conducted outdoors in good weather or indoors as needed. A child is released only to an authorized and identified adult or family member as stated on the registration form.

Extended School Day begins the first day of school. Hours of operation will begin at 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM. and from dismissal to 6:00 P.M. The service is available after dismissal on early dismissal days. An hourly rate is charged. Rates are graduated for multiple children. Partial Hourly Rates: 15 minutes plus into the hour will be charged for a half-hour. 45 minutes plus into the hour will be charged for a full hour. Billing is done at the end of each month.

Signup to participate in the Extended School Day Program must be completed before first day of participation.  There is no registration fee for a family to participate.  A student can be scheduled for specific days on a recurring basis or it can be drop-in care as needed.  When a day other than your normally scheduled days is needed, a note must be sent to school requesting a child to be placed in the Extended School Day Program for that particular day.

To change the days of a child’s participation, please call the school office at 412-367-9001 x350.

If a problem arises in picking up your child, or a change in the person who will pick up your child, please call the School at (412) 367-9001 ext. 536 and one of the Extended Day Program staff will assist you. Otherwise, please pick up your child promptly by 6:00 P.M.

Please: Make certain that we have an up-to-date Emergency Card on your family (your current address, phone number(s), nearest relative or neighbor, etc.). Make the program director aware of any special conditions your child has, i.e., allergies, asthma, health problems etc., (i.e., phobias, fear, etc.)

Saint Teresa of Avila has safety and enjoyment as the top priorities in our “Extended School Day” program.